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The Bavmorda design is a repeating pattern with oval cabochons, crystals, and spots. It is available with or without lining in 1.5" and 1.75", and with a crystal border upgrade for 2" or wider base width.

Selecting 1.5" base width automatically makes the collar double layer due to design width. 1.75" and 2" base width can be single layer WITH lining, if no lining is selected your collar will be double layer. 

If you select crystal border, your collar base will automatically be 2."

Please note that if you opt for lining, the total width of the panel will be approximately 3/8" wider.

Collar examples are: Double layer no lining 1.5" teal green base with fern/shamrock crystals and opal green #13 cabs. Single layer lined 1.75" purple sage base with rose crystals and white shimmer #1 cabs. Double layer no lining 2" Havana base with crystal border in alternating burgundy delite and fuchsia shimmer, top panel with ruby crystals and rich burgundy #6 cabs.

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