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Sleigh Bell

Sleigh Bell

The Sleigh Bell is a magical holiday design, only available for a short time each year and in limited quantities. Once I run out of bells, that’s it until next year!

This is a double layer collar with 1 1/8" solid brass sleigh bells and your choice of all metal components or 20ss crystals with diamond spots in a repeating pattern on the top panel. Each collar will have 2-4 bells depending on the size of the collar. The base panel has an alternating round and oblong spot border OR the option to add lining. It is available as a 1.5", 1.75", or 2" base - adding lining increases the total overall width by approximately 3/8"

If you would like two tone leather with a different base and top panel color (such as teal green top and red base) put in the Notes section! 

PLEASE NOTE! These are large and heavy bells that are very loud! These are not tin jingle bells like you will find on pet store bell collars. These are real solid brass sleigh bells and stand out very prominently on the collar. The sound of the bells is absolutely enchanting.

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